Council agenda will have more police information

Public expected to learn more before meetings begin

SBPD Crime Study

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The Santa Barbara City Council agenda will have more police information included when Chief Cam Sanchez gives his next monthly report.

NewsChannel 3 inquired about the lack of materials available to the public prior to  the council meetings where Sanchez gives his report.  The agenda has one sheet attached and nothing about the issues or topics Sanchez will be speaking about.

Information or staff reports are generally added to agenda items, not just for the council, but also for the public to understand the issues the city is working on.

Sanchez said, " We don't put it on the agenda, I could certainly put some things on there.  I think that's a pretty good idea."

After her State of the City address last week, Mayor Helene Schneider said, having about four topics listed, "will give the public a better awareness."  She also said it will create a community conversation about police issues and programs.

At last Tuesday's meeting when the last police report was given, the topics included, school safety, crime statistics, and police programs for local youth.

"Of course the public is welcomed to speak on any issue relating to the police department," said Schneider.

Sanchez says he will work on a larger document for the public to see before his next presentation in April.  "I'll talk to the city clerk about that," he said.

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