Church Trying To Erase Graffiti Damage In Oxnard

Parishioners call it satanic

Church tagged with satanic message

OXNARD, Calif. - A graffiti vandal tagged the side of St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Oxnard over the weekend.

Parishioners described it as a disturbing red message scrawled on the brick wall between the parking lot and the entrance.

Manuel Gonzales said he thought it was satanic and said he would pray for the person who did it.

The church filed a police report, but did not ask the Graffiti Task Force to paint over it.

The church is trying to sandblast the red paint off the brick, but it does not appear to be an easy task.

The vandal could face jail time and a hefty time if caught and convicted.

This is the first time the church on "C" street near the CenterPoint Mall has been tagged.

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