Canadian Man Arrested For Two Isla Vista Rapes

Deon Kitt Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Two Local High School Students

Canadian man arrested for two sexual assaults

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - A 28-year-old Canadian man living in the college town, is behind bars for sexually assaulting two local high school girls.

The victims are 17 and 18 years old.

Many Isla Vista residents said they are fed up with feeling unsafe as more sexual assaults come to light.

"Overall it's sick. It's really sick," said Austin Foxworth, a sophomore UCSB student.

"I'm so used to walking home every time I'm out and I don't think twice about it. But now, it's like you have to think there's people out there that are like that," said Cassidy Costello, a Santa Barbara City College student.

Deon Kitt was arrested April 2. Law enforcement officials said they want to know if there are more victims.

"This is a 28-year-old Santa Barbara City College student who is living in Isla Vista and who sexually assaulted two high school aged victims. And there is the potential that there are more victims and we're investigating that possibility," said Kelly Hoover of the Sheriff's Office.

Kitt is in jail with bail set at $400,000.

"His charges are rape by force, fear, etc. Unlawful oral copulation when force used and two counts of rape victim drugged," she said.

"Girls can't even be safe in their college neighborhood which disgusts me. I think that one, he's 28, I think he's arguable too old to be here in the first place," said Foxworth.

Other students said, not only do they have to look out for themselves, they have to look out for each other.

"It's horrifying especially being a female who walks around IV. Sometimes you're by yourself. It's scary to know that it's out there," said Madeline Reed, a UCSB student.

"Whenever one of my friends leaves a party or something going on, I always make sure she has to have someone going home with her. Thinks like this do happen. We really need to look out for it," said Justin Csukran, a UCSB student.

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