Cal Poly police officer assaulted on campus during traffic stop

Santa Maria man arrested following foot chase

Cal Poly police officer assaulted on...

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - A Cal Poly university police officer was assaulted early Friday morning while conducting a traffic stop on campus.

Cal Poly University Police reported the assault on their Facebook page, and said a foot chase followed the attack. The suspect was later identified by authorities as Antony Garo Andoyan of Santa Maria.

It's unclear what Andoyan was doing at Cal Poly, but authorities say he is not a Cal Poly student.

Following the foot pursuit, Cal Poly police say they discovered the suspect had been driving a stolen car.

Andoyan was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail and charged with driving a stolen car, assaulting a peace officer, and for being in possession of stolen property.

The Cal Poly police officer suffered a minor hand injury in the incident. This case remains under investigation.

Cal Poly student Cheyane Wilson says she's surprised they weren't notified of the incident via email, telling us: "We're usually notified about them through a mass email but I am surprised not to have heard about it and I would like to have heard about it just so I kinda know what's going on."

In fact, very few people would have known about the arrest if the university police didn't put it on Facebook.

Many students we spoke with however, say they typically have a good relationship with the campus's police and don't feel like their campus is unsafe. 

"It freaks me out knowing that that can happen but this is such a safe community that I've never thought that it was a huge issue compared to other communities throughout the state and even the nation," says Cal Poly student Jacob Hubert.

"I understand that they're just trying to do their jobs - sometimes they can get a little annoying, but I understand that they're trying to do what's best," Cal Poly student Chelsea Davis tells us.

Andoyan currently remains at the San Luis Obispo County jail on $20,000 bond.

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