Businesses broken into in the Carpinteria Valley

Coast Village Road also hit recently

Carpinteria area businesses are...

CARPINTERIA VALLEY, Calif. - Another group of businesses has been broken into locally, this time it was in the Carpinteria Valley.

The crimes occurred this week and last week.

Evidence of both forced entry and attempted burglaries were reported on Santa Claus lane. All of the doors and windows targeted by one of more thieves were locked, according to business owners.

Recently several businesses on Coast Village Road in Santa Barbara were hit. Cash and valuables were taken. Suspects in surveillance video were two men and a woman. They appeared to be in their 20's. The access there was similar to what happened in the Carpinteria area.

Ryan Reed with Coast Supply said when he came to work, he found his desk had been disrupted, a door was open, and a back entry to the business had major damage to the lock. "Now we are on high alert, " he said.

Reed checked on nearby businesses too. "It looks like they attempted to get through several of them. There were screwdriver marks on every exterior door. It looked like we were the only one because they could spend time in that little room and just beat it," said Reed. A neighboring business, Porch, which specializes in home decor, had a hole punched out of a back door that helped with access to a lock. Reed said, "now them this week because they were all last week. They (suspects) came back a second time"

Rincon Catering saw evidence of efforts to get into their main office. Damage was seen on the wood and locks at the entrance but no one got inside.

Access appeared to be in the back of all of the properties. There's a fence that had to be cleared to get to the doors.

 At the Garden Market, window panes were broken but no one got in and manager Sherrie Payton said her alarm was set if anyone gained entry.

There have also been unconfirmed reports, coming from the business community, that break-ins were also discovered across the freeway in the Via Real area.

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