Business burglary spree continues in Santa Barbara

Two prominent restaurants hit

Two business burglaries side by side...

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Two more business break-ins took place in Santa Barbara early this morning leaving both restaurants involved with shattered glass front doors.

This follows in a string of burglaries at several local sites in recent weeks.

Renaud's Patisserie and Harry's Plaza Cafe were hit about 3:15 a.m. in the Loreto Plaza.

Video nearby shows the suspects that appeared to be two young men. One had a large sledgehammer.

That was used to break the glass door at Renaud's first. Surveillance cameras show them crawling inside. The owner, Renaud Gonthier says they got to some cash in a register but nothing else was taken or damaged. "It was two guys," said Gonthier. "They have a hoodie and you can't see faces and they are they are looking where we have all the cash. They went into the kitchen and didn't find anything."

He also said his second restaurant off State Street downtown has also been broken into in the past.

After the suspects left Renaud's they broke the window on the door to Harry's nearby. Inside also reportedly found cash. There, however, a motion sensing alarm went off and the suspects bolted out to their car parked out front.

Police arrived minutes later on a call from the Bay Alarm Company. 

Suspects in this dual break in appear to be similar to suspects seen in video from other early morning burglaries on Coast Village Road in Santa Barbara recently. There have also been business burglaries in Goleta at the Calle Real Center, and Carpinteria on Santa Claus Lane.

Tom Noyes with the Golf Klub store nearby says he can see from his camera,  the suspects arriving, breaking in, and leaving. He has a timeline of their crimes and video of the police arriving. The image of the suspect's vehicle is dark but it appeared to be a sedan.

Lighting in the parking lot is going through upgrades and overhead towers in the area were not working at the time of the break-ins. Lighting near the front doors was on and that helped with the quality of the video images.

Santa Barbara Police and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's departments are actively investigating the series of burglaries.

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