Brazil Nightclub fire reaction

Santa Barbara Fire Marshall talks about nightclub safety

Brazil Nightclub Fire

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - More than 230 people died in a nightclub fire in Santa Maria, Brazil early Sunday morning.

Many of the victims were college students running for their lives.

Fire Marshall Joe Poire says what happened in Brazil is not likely to happen here.

But the Fire Marshall, for the city of Santa Barbara, says it will be a topic firefighters discuss and learn from.

Poire says it is also a reminder of what happened a decade ago in Rhode Island.

A similar pyrotechnic fire killed 100 people during a rock concert in February 2003.

At local nightclubs, frequented by  University of California Santa Barbara,  students  there are strict occupancy levels and fire exit requirements that carry hefty fines.

Poire says he has never issued a pyrotechnic permit to a nightclub.

Your intuition could save you.

The Fire Marshall says you should get out if you feel like you could be crushed and don't have a clear view of a fire exit. 

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