Bakersfield man arrested for battery on a young girl at Pismo Beach gas station

Bakersfield man is arrested for...

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - Cell phone video allegedly shows 43-year-old Christopher Michael Strong slapping a phone out of a young girl's hand.

The exchange happened on July 25 after two drivers, Strong and another, pulled up to pump gas at the Arco AMPM gas station in Pismo Beach. 

In the video, you hear Strong calling the driver derogative names when she immediately says "call the cops." 

The video shows Strong charging at the car and slapping the phone recording the exchange out of Samantha Bedford's hand moments later.

Watch the video below. Warning: Some may find the language disturbing and/or offensive.


"He came up to the window, reached in and I was really shocked he did that," said Bedford. She said her sister was the one driving.

"I heard him calling her names like she's fat and stuff," Bedford said. 

Surveillance video from the gas station shows both drivers pulling up to the same pump. Strong then decides to move to another pump to get gas. 

"He started to pull out his phone and take pictures of us," said Bedford. She explained that's when her sister asked her to start recording what he was doing. "He drove away when we said we would call the police," adds Bedford. 

The Pismo Beach Police Department said the incident was initially reported as a possible road rage incident where the caller made no mention of anyone being battered and requested documentation only. It wasn't until the video was posted on Facebook when the investigation led to Strong contacting the Pismo Beach Police Department.

Strong was arrested for battery and booked at San Luis Obispo County Jail.

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