Teen jailed following standoff in grocery store near Goleta

Teen suspected of stealing beer for...

Near GOLETA, Calif. - UPDATE:   

A 15-year old teenage boy, highly agitated and armed with a knife, was chased, subdued and arrested Wednesday night following a hour-long standoff inside the Vons grocery store on Turnpike at Hollister.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's department responded to a shoplifting call for a group of teenagers at the store.  Deputies chased the group into neighborhoods just north of the store.

The arrested teen was pursued as he ran in and out of the store, eventually being restricted by deputies to the pet food aisle.  He actions remained erratic and he continued to challenge deputies to a fight.

Eventually he threw his knife to the ground, but would not surrender peacefully, so a sheriff's service dog was used to apprehend him. The teen was taken first to the hospital for treatment from the dog bite.  Afterward he was booked into the the county juvenile detention facility in Santa Maria on charges of felony resisting arrest, vandalism and theft.


A teenager suspected of stealing beer was bitten by a Sheriff's K9 in the pet food aisle of Vons following a chase and stand-off in Goleta on Wednesday night.

He was taken to the hospital around 9.p.m. to be treated for his wound.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Spokesperson Kelly Hoover said the "agitated" teen tossed a knife before being taken into custody.

The ordeal started around 7:30 p.m.

Witnesses said there was a group of teens standing outside the store and overheard them saying they paid a teen to get them some beer. They say they then saw the teens with a 12 pack of beer.

Customers and workers were evacuated. 

The teen faces felony resisting arrest, vandalism and theft.


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