Monday President Barack Obama announced a one day extension to the federal health care enrollment deadline. However Covered California says it will not change its deadlines.

For those who don't have health insurance in California today is the deadline in order to be covered starting January 1st. However there is some leeway. "If people at least go to Covered California at least make the attempt to get it started then I think they will be ok and they can finish it later or Covered California will contact them," said Michael Framberger a certified agent.

Covered California said if you do start an application by midnight it will help you "cross the finish line". It also said it will approach any issues case by case. Now this deadline also applies to those whose plans were changed to fit the new health care law standards. "For the folks that currently have coverage obviously if they want to make a change and they have a new plan effective January 1st it's still important but they can continue with what they have at least until they can get in a make a change," said Framberger.

According to Covered CA only about 400-thousand people have enrolled in health care plans however over 7 million people are eligible.

Open enrollment doesn’t end until March 31st, which gives people a few more months before having to wait for the next open enrollment period. If the March 31 deadline is missed than a person will have to wait until January 2015 to get coverage unless they experience a qualifying event.