OXNARD, Calif. -

The relationship between a 54-year-old-woman and 39-year-old man may be the key in an Oxnard murder investigation.

On Saturday morning,  May 4, neighbors discovered two bodies slumped in a car parked on the 600 block of South D Street.

Police said Juan Ruiz Benitez and Guadalupe Gutierrez, both of Oxnard, had been shot.  At first, police considered it a double murder, now the evidence is suggesting it wasmurder-suicide.  Senior Detective Luis McArthur said he doesn't want neighbors to think a killer is on the loose.

Yvette Stout called the news a relief.  Stout said there are already too many crimes in the area, which is just a few blocks from the police station.

The motive is still unclear.  Police said Benitez lives nearby.  They are looking for more information about the couple's relationship.

600 South D Street, Oxnard, CA