Congressman Carbajal holds sidewalk office hours in Lompoc

DACA and gun reform hot topics

Congressman Carbajal holds sidewalk office hours in Lompoc

LOMPOC, Calif. - Congressman Salad Carbajal’s office for the day was a Lompoc coffee shop.  

No appointment was necessary for community members who lined the street to share their concerns with our Representative.

From DACA, healthcare and gun reform, no topic was off limits. 

Aydee Nunez is proud of her heritage. 

I love being Mexican but I don’t know my country.  This is my home,” said Nunez.

Fighting back tears, Nunez jumped at the chance to talk about DACA with Congressman Salud Carbajal face to face. 

“I grew up here, I’ve been here for 20 years and then President Trump came in to office and decided that we weren't able to work and pay taxes and be a part of our community anymore,” said Nunez.

Nunez pleaded with Carbajal to not give up on the fight to protect Dreamers.

“I am a part of a number of bipartisan pieces of legislation that are ready for us to vote on but this leadership won’t allow those to come to the floor for a vote,” Rep. Carbajal told Nunez. 

“I think the Supreme Court in essence has put a stay on that timeline but we still need a solution a legislative solution that comes from Congress,” said Rep. Carbajal, in reference to the prior March 5th DACA deadline. 

Carbajal says sidewalk office hours give him unfiltered access to the issues that keep folks up at night and what he can do about them back in Washington. 

“The atmosphere in politics, specifically about gun control, is really black and white but I feel like it’s a more complex issue,” said 16-year-old James Aranguren.  The teen addressed concerns he has with tax and gun reform. 

Carbajal says gun control doesn’t have to be partisan and Americans deserve to feel safe in their schools and communities. 

“The American public wants us to move forward with common sense gun safety legislation and we need to make sure we are hearing and listening to the public,” said Rep. Carbajal. 

The Democrat says his Gun Violence Restraining Order Act provides due process. 

“When we find an individual that is in crisis that is demonstrating a danger to themselves or others that we work with the courts so temporarily they can’t own or possess guns,” said Rep. Carbajal. 

Carbajal and his co-sponsors introduced HR 2598 the day after the Parkland high school massacre.

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