Computer Hacker scams victim by crashing her computer

Police warn people not to send money

Computer hackers demand money in latest scam

VENTURA, Calif. - Ventura Police are investigating a scam involving computer hacking.

Officers said this isn't the first time they have received a report of hackers demanding money.

In this case, a Ventura business owner said she sent them $200 after her computer appeared to crash on Sunday morning. She said the caller posed as someone working for Microsoft and said they would repair it for a fee.

Diane Elizabeth Loring said she was desperate to get it working again because she is working on her college degree online.

Loring called the police and Fry's Electronics for help.

"Fry's said when that comes through with blaring noise and the warning, just ignore it and shut everything down, disconnect from Wifi and then start everything up again," said Loring. 

The scammers invoice said SYS Software Hubworld. They claimed they were in North Carolina but hung up when questioned.
Police said victims should give them a call if they suspect a scam.

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