CoastHills newest development for the Enos Ranchos Project

CoastHills coming to Enos Ranchos...

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Cars driving on the 101 near the Betteravia exit in Santa Maria can see a section of open land. Several months from now, the new corporate headquarters for the CoastHills Credit Union will open its doors. 

"It's a great location and we are excited to move our headquarters to Santa Maria," says Jeff York, CEO and President of CoastHills Credit Union. 

The new Enos Ranchos project is being looked at as the "gateway into the city."

Renderings show what the $25-million, three story building will look like when it's completed. It's something city leaders say will draw people from all across the Central Coast and beyond. 

"It's going to be a draw and serves a purpose in terms of customers and administrative staff," says Chuen Ng, Community Development Director for Santa Maria. 

"Santa Maria wants to be progressive and wants to provide the services to the community and we want to be a part of that," says York.  

York says customers will have to adjust to a few changes but not many. He says they plan to consolidate their branches here in Santa Maria and will continue to keep their locations open in Lompoc.

"It adds a personal touch to have their headquarters here," says Anthony King, a customer of the bank.

He has been banking for more than 20 years with them. He says this new project shows the banks commitment to customers. 

"It shows they are with the community," he says, 

The project is still under review by the city. Next, it will go to the planning commission and if approved permits and development plans will then be presented before construction begins.

York says this will add new jobs to the city and he hopes to break ground sometime in May. 


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