No one enjoys being in the hospital, and this is especially true for children during the holiday season.  On Monday, those children received some holiday cheer, while teaching an important lesson to other kids.

Educators from the Santa Maria area decided to teach their own children a lesson about sharing over the holidays.  So they decided have their kids bring donated items to the Pediatric Unit at Marian Regional Medical Center.

Patty Rodriguez is one of the group's organizers.  “We decided to come together and have formed a local mom’s group,” she said.  “We want to show our children the value of giving; Christmas isn’t just about getting.”

The teachers and their children brought toys and other gifts this year.  For future holidays, the plan is to bring other supplies such as diapers to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

A photograph snapped during the visit shows the group of donors decked out in full holiday attire and singing Christmas carols.