CHP officers discuss having weapons in your car when getting stopped

CHP officers give tips on what you...

Dash cam video shows a Minnesota police officer firing off several rounds seconds after he pulled over a driver for a broken brake light. 

The driver tells the officer he has a weapon in his car. The officer then advises him to not pull it out. Shortly after you hear several rounds being fired. 

The driver's girlfriend tells the officer he was reaching for his I.D. California Highway Patrol Officers provide tips if you find yourself in a similar situation.

"First thing you want to do is to be calm, and be honest with the officer, you want to let the officer know where the weapon is and if it's loaded," says Officer Jonathon Gutierrez. 

He says people can carry a gun in their car, for example, when they are on their way to a gun range. 

"You put the pistol in the trunk area have it locked and unloaded and have ammo in the car compartment," he says. 

He says if you have a concealed carry permit you are allowed to have a loaded weapon on you. It's best to let the officer know you have a permit.

He says when describing what kind of weapon you have stay away from using the word "gun."

"When officers hear the word gun they get triggered. [He says] say I have a weapon, I have a pistol, a rifle."

During that exchange with officers they advise people to keep their hands on the steering wheel.

"Put your hands on the top, have your palms here extended, your fingers here so the officer sees there is nothing in your hands that way there is no immediate threat," he says.

CHP officers say when their light bar goes on to stop someone that's when their camera inside of their car goes on to record.

Officers say recorded video like this helps with transparency. They say their number one priority is to keep everyone is safe.

"Officers want to go home safely we all families we all want you to get back to your families safely as well," he says.  

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