The history of the flamenco dance is brought alive in a Santa Barbara author's children's book.

Cyndi Struven's first book, "Flamenco Fantasy," arrives just in time for this year's Old Spanish Days Fiesta.

The story follows a 10-year-old dancer competing for the Junior Spirit of Fiesta title in Santa Barbara.

The girl's journey is a timeline explaining the flamenco tradition from the very beginning.

"My main character, Corina, who's 9, she fantasizes the history of flamenco while different dancers are performing," Struven said.  "It goes from the 1490s with the gypsies in Spain, and brings it all the way up to actually the first Spirit of Fiesta, Lia Parker."

The book is available to order on Amazon or you can shop local and pick a copy up at Chaucer's bookstore on State Street or online.