Charity wine spotlights local artists and gives back to farm workers

Charity wine spotlights local artists and gives back to farm workers

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. - Calling all artists and wine enthusiasts!  A Central Coast winery is looking for their next label design while trying to make a difference in the lives of the workers that harvest their grapes.

It all started 10 years ago when a classmate of Elizabeth Talley's sister drew a really cool picture.

"He submitted this artwork and we thought this is so amazing, we love this and we want to put this on our label," said Elizabeth Talley.  Agriculture is in Talley's blood.  Her great-grandfather established Talley Farms and her grandfather started Talley Vineyards.

The young boy's artwork would become the first in a revolving art competition, every year Tally Vineyards calls upon local artists for a meaningful piece to be featured on a robust red called Mano Tinta.

"Mano Tinta means "red hand" or "stain hand" and that came from the vineyard workers.  When they picked the grapes it would stain their hand red," said Christina Soares, Tasting Room Lead at Talley Vineyards.

All proceeds from Mano Tinta directly benefit farm and vineyard workers, over the years the vineyard has raised over $800,000 dollars.  The Talley family hopes to establish a $1 million dollar endowment and a scholarship fund.

"It’s really hard in the agriculture region to get farm workers and be able to support them with just wages.  So this is another way for us to give back to them for all their hard work and all the time they dedicate to Talley Vineyards," said Soares.

The Fund for Vineyard and Farm Workers was established in 2004 to provide grants to organizations that assist agricultural workers in San Luis Obispo County.

"We’ve done a lot with after-school programs for their kids or dental care or other forms of healthcare but usually we ask the farm workers, that work at our farm, what would you find the most helpful and a lot of times it's something, they want something that will help their kids," said Talley.

Everything from the grapes, to the glass and the corks is donated, a community driven effort to say thank you to the men and women that help make their business possible.

"I’m so grateful that my parents instilled this love of community and love helping people out," said Talley.

You can submit artwork to the label design competition through March 23rd, public voting begins the next day.

Per Talley Vineyards, artwork submissions must be accompanied by a completed entry form.  Entry forms and specific guidelines can be found here.


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