Grover Beach community holds candlelight vigil for dog attack victim

GROVER BEACH, Calif. - The Grover Beach community held a candlelight vigil to remember David Fear Friday evening.

A candlelight vigil took place at 6 p.m. near the intersection of 12th Street and Nacimiento Avenue in Grover Beach.

The family extended the invitation to everyone in the community to pay their respects.

64-year-old David Fear is the man who intervened when a loose dog attacked an 85-year-old woman. He died from his injuries three days after the vicious attack.

Fear had been in critical condition at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. 

"I miss him everyday," David Fear's widow, Terry Fear said. 

The dog that attacked Fear was a personal dog of Grover Beach police officer, Alex Geiger.
Geiger IS now on paid administrative leave. His dog was euthanized. 

"And I know that hurts but we've had to put some of our animals down, but I lost my partner and his kids lost their dad," Fear said. 

Thursday afternoon Geiger put out this statement, reading in part:

"I can't begin to imagine the pain and sadness that the families of Mr. David Fear and Ms. Betty Long are going through...I know my words cannot change what happened...but I wish to express my sympathies and prayers to the Fear Family during this difficult time."

"I don't think it's legit, I don't think it's from his heart, I think his lawyer wrote it," Fear said. 

But Terry Fear is trying to forgive.

"Because David would've forgiven him, my husband would've forgiven him in time," Fear said. 

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