Zach's Wax changing color of sports fans' hair

Family business outgrows garage

Zach's Wax changing color of sports fans' hair

VENTURA, Calif. - Unusual hair colors used to be the rebellious style of punk rockers; now they are more mainstream.

At least that is what of the Ventura family that created Zach's Wax Temporary Hair Color Gel is banking on.

Eric Plahn said he was working in the hair care industry when he got the idea to create hair color for fans of the some of the world's most famous teams.

He named the company Zach's Wax after the first of his four children.

Plahn said the company started in the family's garage and he used a neighbor's garage before expanding.

Now the company has an office and a warehouse.

In addition to buying products online at, you also can find then in some Supercuts.

But the family is trying to decide whether to sell to salons or retail chains in an effort  to make it to the next level.

They dream of coloring the hair of  Duck Dynasty stars and trying to get funding from the venture capitalists on Shark Tank.

For  now Eric and Joy Plahn are happy to have a family-owned business.

And they're happy their children,  Zach, Lezly, Danny and Stevie, are getting a home-schooled education in business.

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