Whale Disentangled In Santa Barbara County Spotted In Monterey Bay

Humpback whale disentangled May in Santa Barbara re-sighted in Monterey Bay

MONTEREY BAY, Calif. - A whale rescued in the Santa Barbara Channel back in May was spotted.

The whale entanglement team tells NewsChannel 3 it spotted the young humpback in the Monterey Bay over the Fourth of July weekend. The whale's wound on its fluke appears to be healing.

In May, the whale was tangled in a 100 pound crab trap in Monterey, with a line wrapped around the base of its tail. Rescuers followed it down the coast near Santa Barbara and freed it from the line.

The team said they are happy with the whale's progress and hope once the whale is fully healed, it will be able to raise its fluke again.

Video and photos courtesy of NOAA Fisheries' Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program (MMHRSP) #932-1905.

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