Water District Works to Correct Billing Mishap

1,500 Customers Haven't Been Billed in Months

Water District Works to Correct Billing Mishap

GOLETA, Calif. - Some Goleta Water District customers have gone months without a water bill, due to kinks in a new electronic billing system.

General Manager John McInnes put the number of customers at 1 to 2 percent of water users, who haven't been billed in months. 

McInness said there have been some hiccups as the District works on accurate billing with a new online system.

The District learned the issue affected new and special use customers, who were not receiving regular monthly bills.

Rather than making those customers pay what's past due all at once, McInnes said the District will work with customers on a flexible payment plan.

If there is a silver lining to the late billing, it's that the District wants to encourage people to give electronic payments a try, which allows customers to review water-use history and have information to make water use reductions and lower the bill.

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