Tenure Ruling Won't Change School Policy Right Now

Judges ruling put on hold pending appeal

Tenure Ruling Won't Change School Policy Right Now

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Teacher tenure won't be a thing of past anytime soon despite a judge's ruling Tuesday.

Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge Rolf Treu issued an injunction that blocks tenure laws, then he issued a stay that puts the ruling on hold while teachers' unions file an appeal.

Jon Houchin, the president of the Santa Barbara Teachers Association, said there is also a California Assembly bill dealing with the same issue.  Houchin said tenure is misunderstood. He said teacher performances are reviewed every other year and can lead to firing.

The Superintended of Santa Barbara Unified did not take sides.  Dr. David Cash said it is his job to follow state law.

During budget crunches the last teachers hired are the first teachers fired.

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