Teen Faces 2 Felony Counts In Deltopia Assault

Incident Believed to Have Sparked Isla Vista Riot

Preliminary Hearing Ends in Deltopia Teen Case

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - After listening to testimony given during Desmond Edwards' preliminary hearing, Judge Brian Hill determined he will face two of three felony charges filed against him. 

Edwards, who just turned 18, will be prosecuted on charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest, but a mayhem charge against him was dismissed.

Edwards is accused of striking UCSB Police Officer Antonio Magana with a backpack that contained liquor bottles.  Witnesses said the officer blacked out and was treated for a bloody gash above his right eye.

Another officer trying to help Magana said he saw the words "Deltopia 2014 first blood" written on the sidewalk near the site of the altercation.

Investigators have pointed to Magana's assault as the incident that sparked rioting after April's Deltopia event in Isla Vista.  The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's SWAT team used tear gas and rubber bullets to subdue an unruly crowd that numbered in the thousands.

A recording was played in court from Dr. David Wyatt, who took out the officer's stitches.  Dr. Wyatt testified he removed 30 stitches in the skin above Magana's right eye, describing the officer as anxious to get back to work and compared him to a boy who couldn't wait to get back in the sandbox.

Magana returned to light duty within a week and was back on regular duty a week later.

One of Edwards' relatives cried as the young man was taken out of the courtroom. Edwards will remain at juvenile hall in Santa Maria until his next arraignment July 8.

If convicted he faces up to 8 years in prison.

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