Task Force To Crack Down On Child Sex Trafficking

Santa Barbara County District Attorney: Runaways are being used

Anti-Trafficking Task Force Created in Santa Barbara County

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Child sex trafficking made headlines when the an FBI crackdown during the Super Bowl led to rescues and arrests.

Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley said it happens in her county too.

When Dudley was a prosecutor, she worked to convict Brian Mangan and his wife for running a house of prostitution, and Patricia Cota for running another ring known as the College Cuties.

Dudley said sex trafficking today is different. The victims are not as likely to testify in return for immunity from prosecution. Some think they are being cared for by the men selling them. In return, they get drugs and gifts, not cash.

To prevent sex trafficking from growing in the county, Dudley has created an Anti-Trafficking Task Force that already has 70 members. If Dudley has her way, the girls will one day have a recovery center created for them in the area.

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