Study Says Produce Prices to Climb

Drought Blamed for Higher Grocery Bills

Study Says Produce Prices to Climb

SANTA MARIA, Calif - You already think your groceries cost too much--now a new study says it'll cost a littLe more all because of the drought.
California's Central Valley is one the hardest hit places by the drought and farmers are planting less in that area.
The study done by Arizona State University say lettuce will see the highest price hike, by 34%.
Avocado prices are expected to rise by 28% followed by broccoli, grapes, tomatoes and melons, to name the top few.
But biggest price consumers could pay is if and when we turn to more produce imported from other countries.
"We take that chance here," says Victor Tognazzini, a Santa Maria Farmer.  "We know that we have good safety guidelines and, coming in from somewhere else, we don't have that assurance."
Other foods that may follow produce's price climb are meat, as the price of feed is higher, and dairy.

Tognazzini still believes our country still has the best and most inexpensive supply of food in the world despite the price increases.

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