Students, Isla Vista Residents Host Safety Meeting

Participants hope to learn from the violence

Students, Isla Vista Residents Host Safety Meeting

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Members of UCSB's Associated Student Public Safety Commission hosted a forum at the Isla Vista theatre Thursday night called Isla Vista United.

Hundreds of people RSVPed to a Facebook page promoting the meeting, but fewer than fifty filled the seats.

Commission leader Molly Morrison was not deterred. Morrison recorded the ideas and will hare them with other Isla Vista residents.

Participants said they would like to see Isla Vista turned into a Community Service District, a status that is just beneath being a city.  A district would require the county to add services to the unincorporated area.

Students worry wealthy property owners will fight the plan because it may cost them more in property taxes.  They noted, however, that there were no wealthy taxpayers at the meeting to share their views.

Organizers hope to hold another public safety meeting after final exams and hope the turnout will improve.

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