Students Get First Dose Of Vaccine

Second dose needed for maximum effect

Students Get First Dose Of Vaccine

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Undergrads had two weeks to get the first dose of a Meningococcal B strain vaccine that has not yet been approved in the U.S.

A free two week meningitIs vaccine clinic approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came to a close on Friday.  A CDC spokesperson said the next dose will be given out April 21 for maximum effect.

Alison Patti said students should get the second dose within six months. Those who have not been vaccinated are at risk since the bacteria can linger in the nose and throat.

There have been no new cases since November, when a lacrosse player came down with the virus and had to have his feet amputated.

Students said Aaron Loy's story inspired them to get vaccinated.

UCSB chose not to release the number of students vaccinated as of Friday afternoon. The number should be released next week.

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