Sequestration cuts affect services for low-income people

Service providers look for cost-cutting measures

Sequester Impacts

GOLETA, Calif. - Some of the people dealing with government budget cuts met in Goleta Wednesday.

U.S. Rep. Lois Capps joined them.  Capps wanted to know how the services run by the Community Action Commission are doing. 

It lost 5 percent of its federal funding when automatic cuts called sequestration took affect this month. The commission runs everything from Head Start for children to meals for seniors.

CAC members say there is a long waiting list for Head Start. They are also concerned cut will affect a program called  Healthy at Home that bring nutrition to seniors.

Fran Forman, the executive director of CAC of Santa Barbara County, said the cut amounts to about  $750,000  this year.

More cuts may follow if Congress does not agree on a budget.

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