Rat Poison Ban Aims to Save Pets, Wildlife

Rodenticide pellets to be pulled from store shelves by July 1.

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has announced a ban on certain types of rat poison products called "rodenticides".

"d-CON" is a common brand that will be pulled from store shelves by the time the ban takes effect on July 1, 2014.

"Second generation rodenticide's can be lethal in a single feeding", says Debbie Trupe with the Santa Barbara County Agriculture Commissioner's Office, "the rodent can consume more than a lethal dose and then he can be prey to wildlife or to domestic animals, cats and dogs."

"The state has done studies and investigations and they found that second generation rodenticides are often the culprit", Trupe adds.

Trupe refers to evidence state regulators used of rodenticides killing wildlife of all types that feed on rodents that have eaten the pellets as well as household pets that stumble upon the poison in and around their homes.

"Often times there's an accidental ingestion or your cat might bring a rodent back to the house and eat some of it", Trupe says, "we would like to keep these products away from domestic animals."

Rodenticide poisoning is common in residential areas that are surrounded by large, open spaces.

As more and more new homes continue to encroach upon Central Coast wildlife habitat it increases the chances of rodenticide poisoning.

"Consumers are still going to have a number of options available to them and they can take an integrated approach", Trupe says, "they'll still have some anti-coagulant rodenticides available, they'll still be able to trap rats and mice but they can also do other things to exclude the rats and mice from their house such as plugging holes with steel wool."

The rodenticide ban is a victory for wildlife rescue and animal preservation groups that have long argued the poison threatens endangered species like the golden eagle and the San Joaquin kit fox.

After the ban takes effect on July 1, only certified professionals such as pest control businesses will be able to buy and use the rodenticide pellets.



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