Rain Preparedness Leads to Recognition

Showers coincides with StormReady Classification in Santa Barbara County

Rain Preparedness Leads to Recognition

SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, Calif. - Mission Canyon neighbors said they are used to seeing blue tarp and sandbags when rain if in the forecast.

One resident said it prevents water from leaking through the roof.

Rain started falling in Santa Maria after dark and in Santa Barbara after 9 p.m.

Eric Boldt, of the National Weather Service, said the NWA will be presenting Santa Barbara County supervisors with a certificate and signs showing the county has taken the necessary steps to be StormReady and TsunamiReady.

It's part of a voluntary nationwide program to inspire municipalities to improve their alert plans.  Boldt said passing along alerts to residents and educating residents about what to do in a weather event is key.

Boldt said the coast won't get tidal wave tsunamis,  but he said a rapid tide surge is can be a tsunami too. The results can be similar to heavy storms.

The storm passing through the area isn't expected to last long.

But more wet weather is expected later in the week.

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