Propostion 8 supporters not giving up hope

Supporters look toward state rights in Supreme Court rulings

Propostion 8 supporters not giving up hope

CAMARILLO, Calif. - June is wedding season and it's one stop shopping for engaged couples along Daily Drive in Camarillo.

You can buy wedding cake at Bread Basket and flowers and formal clothes nearby.

But not all customers are applauding the Supreme Court's decision not to take the Proposition 8 case.

Supporter of same-sex marriage agree with the California district court that overturned the voter-approved proposition to ban same-sex marriage.

But opponents of same-sex marriage said 7 million voters, or 52 percent, spoke in 2008 when Prop 8 passed.

A federal court stayed the lower court ruling and sent it to the Supreme Court.

Even so, supporters of tradition marriage said they are glad the high court did not making a sweeping ruling that would not allow states to have any say.

More than 35 states still ban gay marriage.

If the Federal Court lifts its stay same-sex couples could have their cake soon.

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