People Head to Work In Record Heat

Workers told to stay hydrated

People Head to Work In Record Heat

SANTA BARBARA. Calif. - All kinds of workers handled the heat Wednesday.

Some areas saw triple digit record-breaking temperatures. Oxnard/Camarillo hit a record 102. 

The crew at Prestige Hand Wash on Milpas didn't complain. They had plenty of water to drink and to use to wash cars.  They said tips were good and that customers enjoyed talking about the weather.

The driver of a Coke delivery truck said he was extra popular during the heat wave.

Too much exposure can cause heat exhaustion, heat stress or stroke. Doctors said it is important to stay cool, stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activities.

Amgen cyclists heading to Santa Barbara Thursday won't be able to avoid racing in the hot temperatures, but they have medical crews to help them stay hydrated.

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