Oxnard Company Wins Innovation Award

Transmodus offers innovative payment options

OXNARD, Calif. - An Oxnard company won an innovation award during a ceremony at Harvard University.

The payments-technology company transmodus won the 2014 Gold Medal for Best Innovation Via Automated Clearing House.

The business located in Oxnard's financial plaza is in good company ,other winners included Apple, Google PayPal and Chase.

Transmodus launched linked2pay a couple of years ago.

The main innovation allows linked2pay users to pay online or by mobile phone using a credit card. The company uses a lower case "t" in its name.

Richard McShirley, transmodus' chief marketing officer, calls it a bundled payment solution. McShirley said the win is,"a benefit to business owners who want to have improved options to lower their cost of accepting payments, while offering customers more and easier ways to pay."

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