Montecito Water District Delays Rationing Ordinance Vote

Approval would lead to fines and restrictions

Montecito Water District Delays Rationing Ordinance Vote

MONTECITO, Calif. - Dozens of Montecito residents shared their opinions about a proposed water rationing ordinance Tuesday afternoon. Some like it, others are concerned about fairness.

The Montecito Water District passed a water shortage emergency declaration earlier this month, paving the way for rationing.

The board decided to delay the vote until Friday morning to allow district staff to refine the proposal that would levy fines and restrictions.

The draft restriction ordinance calls for a March grace period followed by $30 penalties for every additional hundred cubic feet of water or 748 gallons used. Residents exceeding their allotment by 25% a month would have flow restriction devices added to their meters.

Many homeowners said they are already cutting back by taking shorter showers and watering their yards less.

One homeowner said she changed her landscaping to succulent plants and gravel to save money during the recession.

Sheba Lux said she saves hundreds of dollars a month.

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