Meetings and Protests Greet Napolitano at UCSB

New UC President Visits Campus as Part of Statewide Tour

Students Protest Napolitano Visit

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - New University of California President Janet Napolitano continued her visit to the UCSB campus Friday morning as she met with some students.

On Thursday, Napolitano was the target of protests from other students, including some who describe themselves as undocumented.  Demonstrators on Thursday labeled the former Arizona Governor and Homeland Security Secretary as the face of deportation under President Obama's administration.

Other students said they didn't think she was qualified to run the UC system because she does not have an education background.

Napolitano did not meet with the protesting students, but did meet with another group on Friday.

UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang did meet with the demonstrators on Thursday.  He showed concern for teary-eyed students who said family members would be missing from their Thanksgiving table because of Napolitano's actions.

One Chicano Studies professor said there is also concern about endless tuition hikes and cuts to union benefits.

Slideshow: Meetings and Protests Greet Napolitano at UCSB

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