Local Organization Assisting People Affected By Big Sur Fire

Direct Relief ships medicine, supplies to aid with respiratory problems

Local Organization Assisting People Affected By Big Sur Fire

GOLETA, Calif. - A local organization is shipping supplies overnight to help people affected by the Big Sur Fire.

Darren Woodhead packs boxes to help those in need.

"I've probably packed ten, maybe twenty thousand," Woodhead said.

The boxes are filled with supplies to assist those affected by poverty and disaster.

"We work with over 1,000 health clinics in all 50 states," said Woodhead.

While many of the items packed up are shipped out of state or even internationally, this time help is needed a little closer to home  -- for those affected by the Big Sur Fire.

Direct Relief is an organization where, once a call is placed for help, staff members immediately generate a plan of how to get supplies to where they need to go quickly.

"We create a transfer order out here in the warehouse, and pick it, and then it has to be double, tripled-checked for accuracy," said Woodhead.

Volunteers and staff members filled boxes with things such as medicines and supplies for people with asthma for a health clinic in Salinas.  The items will be shipped overnight, and if more are needed, staff members say that's not a problem.

"We now have these type of supplies in stock at our warehouse at all times so that on a whim if we get a call from partners like this who say they're in need, we can ship it right away," said Hannah Rael, who works for Direct Relief.

If you want to be part of the efforts, there is more information online:

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