"Just Call 911" Slogan intended to save lives

"Just Call 911" pamphlets available around campus

"Just Call 911" Slogan intended to save lives

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - Things can go terribly wrong on college campuses when drugs and alcohol are involved.

People who respond to emergency calls and others who work in emergency rooms want people to call  911 if there is any indication of someone had overdosed.

A possible drug and alcohol-related death last month in Isla Vista is being investigated.

A program to get people to call 911 more often is trying to get the message across to students.

Doctors said people should not assume someone can just sleep it off after excessive drinking or drug use.

Dr. Robert Gaines, a former emergency room physician said, "I used to work in the ER and you could pull your hair out, but the minute you tell one of those kids not to call and they die you'll regret it. So just get through to them and make sure they are safe."

"Just Call  9-1-1" pamphlets are given out to students living on and off campus.

They are available in every dorm and around campus at UCSB.

The information inside includes warning signs and things you should and shouldn't do until help arrives.

The information could save a life.

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