Inmate from SLO County Jail Died

Infected with H1N1 Flu Virus

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - On January 23rd, Rudy Joseph Silva, an in inmate at the San Luis Obispo County Jail, complained to staff of being ill. He was evaluated and ti was determined at that time to transfer him by ambulance to Sierra Vista medical Center in San Luis Obispo.

He was diagnosed with the H1N1 flu virus and was transferred to the hospital's Intensive Care Unit. The inmate remained at the hospital until today when he died around 2:15pm.

He was 35 years old and was a transient with a prior medical history. He was booked into the county jail on October 22nd for receiving stolen property as well as charges of violating his probation, petty theft, and possession of a controlled substance.

The exact cause of death is pending an investigation by the coroner. His family was allowed to visit him while he was in the hospital.

Even before this incident, jail staff has been taking steps to protect themselves and the inmate population from the flu including offering flu shots and testing any new inmates coming into the jail for the flu virus.

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