Gov. Brown Not In Favor of Stoner State

Brown explains why he opposes legalization

Gov. Brown Not In Favor of Stoner State

GOLETA, Calif. - Cyclist Yann Lemaitre started smoking medicinal marijuana after breaking his back three years ago. Yann was disappointed by Gov. Jerry Brown's comments on NBC's "Meet The Press," on Sunday.

Brown used the term potheads and worried that legalization would harm the competitiveness of the state and nation if too many people get stoned.
But polling shows a majority of California voters support legalization. They legalized medicinal use eight years ago.  The Democrat running for a fourth term said the population needs to "stay alert."

While more states consider legalization, Brown said he will be watching Colorado and Washington deal with their new legalization laws.

Lemaitre is part of a group called "I am not a criminal." He said activists in the group hope to see legalization on California's ballot by 2016.

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