George Chen's Parents Visit Son's Makeshift Memorial

Chens said George was not killer's roommate

George Chen's Parents Visit Son's Makeshift Memorial

ISLA VISTA, Calif. - George Chen's parents wrote a message of love to their son using chalk outside the Capri Apartment building where he was stabbed to death last week.

Johnny Chen said his son did not live at the apartment. He was visiting two of his friends who were also killed.

George Chen, 19, was the oldest of two sons. He grew up in San Jose and got good grades. He was studying engineering.  The Chens said they expected to pick him up in three weeks to take him home for summer. Now they are having a difficult time realizing he is gone. 

Chen's mother and father said the University of California Santa Barbara has set up a fund for a memorial or scholarship. They like the idea, they want to honor their son's memory.

Chen said when they heard the story on the news they didn't think their son was hurt, since he didn't live in the building. They had never heard of Elliot Rodger and hope something can be done to prevent other parents from the pain they are suffering.

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