Drought Does Not Have To Dry Up Landscaping Jobs

Landscapers: Workers are needed to create sustainable yards

Drought Does Not Have To Dry Up Landscaping Jobs

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Landscapers shared their knowledge about sustainable landscaping at a Drought Strategy Forum held at the Louise Lowry David Center in Santa Barbara on Monday night.

Mike Clark, Montecitco's water conservation coordinator said the drought does not have to mean layoffs.  Clark said there will be less blowing and mowing and more lawn removal and mulch opportunities.

Clark said people can replace grass with their favorite fruit trees, since trees use less water.

Landscapers also recommend mulch or wood chips instead grass to create open space.

Lesley Weinstock of Montecito said she likes to take care of her own yard, but she has hired people to deliver and spread mulch around.

Weinstock said she wants to save her trees, and inspire others to do the same.


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