Dogs Seized During Fight in Santa Paula

Police: Owner could face animal cruelty charges

Dog fight leads to investigation into possible fighting ring

SANTA PAULA, Calif. - When Santa Paula police got a call about the sound of dogs being mauled in a backyard on the 500 block of North 14th Street Tuesday, officers found evidence of dogs bred to fight.

No one was home when they arrived to a yard filled with bloody dogs in need of emergency care.

Sgt. Ken Clark said he found evidence of dogs being trained to fight including an agitator stick and full grown pit bulls with clipped ears and tails.

Officers brought the dogs to the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center (SPARC) for care.  Volunteers washed and fed more than a dozen pit bulls, pit bull puppies and other dogs.  The dogs were seriously injured. Two received emergency surgery at the Ohana Pet Hospital in Ventura.  Another is awaiting surgery.  SPARC received $6,000 in donations to cover some of the care, but volunteers said more will be needed to house the dogs and train them so they can be adopted if the owner is not allowed to get them back.  Donations may be made online at

Police said they have not arrested Silvano Moses Duran, 28, of Santa Paula, but he is under investigation for animal cruelty and could face multiple charges.

Duran was not available to comment but told police he did nothing wrong.


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