Direct Relief surprises firefighters on 'Good Morning America'

Relief organization took part in the 'You're Not Dreaming' series

Direct Relief surprises first responders on GMA

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A Santa Barbara-based relief organization surprised a group of New York firefighters on "Good Morning America" Tuesday.

Direct Relief took part in the "You're Not Dreaming" series on the ABC morning show by donating $10,000. 

"Good Morning America" is surprising people who inspire them and asked Direct Relief if they would like to help.

"Thomas Tighe, where are you? President of Direct Relief!" announced Sam Champion.

The community of Breezy Point in Queens, N.Y. was devastated after Hurricane Sandy.

"Breezy Point was like the triple threat. They got the winds, they got the rains and they also got the fires. There were about 125 homes that were completely destroyed from the fires during Super Storm Sandy and it was this fire department, the Point Breeze Fire Department, that was there to respond to the needs of the community," said Kerri Murray of Direct Relief.

But the fire department was heavily damaged when more than 8 feet of water flooded the building. Now, with the help of Direct Relief, it can move forward.

"I brought this understated, small check for you. On behalf of Direct Relief -- way to go," said Tighe.

The organization not only gave the department $10,000, it also donated 25 emergency packs filled with supplies for all the volunteers.

"Goggles; we've got gloves; this is a lot of triage materials," said Murray.

The backpacks weigh about 20 to 25 pounds and are equipped with materials for an emergency.

When the supplies run out, Direct Relief will replenish them for free.

Each of the bags costs $500, but organizers said it's worth it.

For more information on the grab-and-go backpacks, you can click here.

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