CrossFit Trainers React to Criticism

Workout regimen called too difficult, dangerous

CrossFit Trainers React to Criticism

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - An extreme workout called CrossFit has its fans and its critics.

Fans enjoy the competitive group workout that pushes them past their comfort zone. However, critics say it can have negative health effects. One physical therapist said severe exhaustion from participating in CrossFit has been linked to Rhabodomyolysis or Rhabo for short. Rhabo can damage the skeletal muscle and release proteins into the blood, harming kidneys.

Trainer Tyler Medearis said Rhabo is not a "dirty little secret." He said CrossFit businesses would not be popular if people were getting sick. He also said Rhabo prevention is part of the training.

Medearis. who offers classes on Gray Ave. in Santa Barbara. said he makes sure his clients stay hydrated and avoid too many hi-rep jumps and pull-ups.

He believes the growing popularity of the workout routine is likely to be the target of criticism.

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