Crashes Linked to Weather Conditions

One fatal crash and dozens more

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - It didn't take long for car crash reports to flood in on one of the first rainy nights in months.

At least one accident was fatal.

It happened when a car ran head-on into another cars as the driver tried to pass on Betteravia Road in Santa Maria. One person died and another was injured.

California Highway Patrol officer Robert Miller said, "The visibility is a little bit lower, so you have to drive at a slower speed and be cautious and if you are going to pass, make sure that the other lane is clear when you do so."

Several cars went off the shoulder of area freeways.

Some drivers said they could feel a build-up of oil that they didn't notice in dry conditions.

A busy Taxi driver said he was playing it safe, by driving slower and being more cautious than usual.

According to the California Highway Patrol more than 100 people died in rain-related accidents in California last year, thousands more were injured.

For current highway conditions drivers may call CalTrans hotline at 1-800-427-7623.

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