Crash Victim's Family Speaks Out About Deadly Santa Barbara Accident

Crash Victim's Family Speaks Out About Deadly SB Accident

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The mother of 19-year-old Daniella Hearn talked exclusively to NewsChannel 3 about the loss of her daughter.

"I love her with all of my heart. Despite our differences and our problems I'm always her mom. You never being stop being her mom ever. Not til the day I die," said Dianne Hearn.

Daniella Hearn was killed in a car accident in Santa Barbara's Mesa community on Tuesday. She and three other people in a sedan was traveling eastbound on Cliff Drive when the driver of the car lost control.

Hearn was killed on impact. Police officers broke the news to Hearn's mother and told her that Daniella did not suffer.

"Two officers showed up at my door with a ride-along guy and they let me know that my daughter had been killed," said Hearn.

Since the accident, Hearn has been supported by her children and Daniella's friends.

"No child should die before their parent, and my little sister she should be here right now running amuck," said Lou Velasquez, Daniella's older brother.

They've created a GoFundMe Page to raise money to retrieve Danielle's body from the morgue.

A GoFundMe Page was also set up for the driver, Angel Flores, of the vehicle.