Community Colleges Toughen Financial Aid Requirements

New policies to take affect in 2016

Financial aid recipients must make the grade

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - Slacking off won't be an option for future financial aid students at California's  112 community colleges. The governing board voted Monday to require at least a 2.0 or C grade-point-average for students who do not pay per-unit enrollment fees.

Students with fee waivers will also be required to complete at least half their courses during consecutive semesters or risk losing aid. The new policy scheduled to take affect in the fall of 2016 is meant to improve graduation and transfer rates.

Santa Barbara City College students said they think it will help financial aid students focus on success. One financial aid student and athlete said she believes it will inspire students like herself to try harder on and off the playing field. Foster youth will be exempt from the policies that can be appealed.

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