Coalition Gives Lights to Low-Income Bicycle Commuters

Spanish Language Outreach Committee organized giveaway

Coalition Gives Lights to Low-Income Bicycle Commuters

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - The third annual Iluminando La Noche or Light Up The Night event kicked off on Monday.

Members of the Spanish Outreach Committee of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition wanted the first night of the five day event to follow the time change.

Bicycle Commuters are often riding home from work in the dark.

To prevent accidents the coalition used Measure A funding to buy 700 pairs of white and red bicycle lights.

In return for a pair, cyclists were asked to fill out a questionnaire.

Riders were asked if they knew front lights and back reflectors are required on bicycles under California law.

Even though the event is geared toward commuters organizers did not turn away recreation riders or children. Their goal is to save lives.

Carmon Lozano said at least two of the last three fatal bicycle traffic accidents involved bikes that did not have lights. Lozano said flashing lights catch the eye of drivers, making cyclists safer.

The lights being given out have several settings. With a push of a button they  can flash or create a strobe light effect.

The giveaway will move to Carpinteria on Tuesday, Goleta on Wednesday, downtown Santa Barbara on Thursday.

On Friday, it will return to Milpas and Haley where it began, Monday.

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