CHP releases general guidelines for motorcycle lane splitting

Motorcycle lane splitting now has a list of general guidelines to keep drivers safe on the roads.

CHP releases general guidelines for motorcycle lane splittin

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - A general list of guidelines for lane splitting has been posted on the California Highway Patrol website.

California is the only state in the country that allows lane splitting in a safe and prudent manner.

Motorcyclists love the maneuver, cutting through traffic and moving past slower vehicles. Most drivers don't like the practice and can be caught off guard when a fast moving motorcycle is flying by

The new CHP guidelines are an attempt to clarify why lane splitting is legal in California and if done properly is safe for everyone on the roads.

CHP lane splitting guidelines:

Competent enough riders should travel at a speed that is no more than 10 mph faster than other traffic.

It is not advisable to lane split when traffic flow is at 30 mph or faster.

Typically, it is safer to split between the No. 1 and No. 2 lanes than between other lanes.

The CHP says these guidelines are not guaranteed to keep motorcyclists and other drivers safe. 

Lane splitting should not be performed by inexperienced riders.

For a complete list of the new CHP lane splitting guidelines visit the CHP website.

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